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Chances are you’re one of the millions frustrated with your income you're stressed out, just pretending everything is perfect. You're living a life of quiet desperation. You want more. You desire freedom and a life of opportunities. Instead, you're spending hours grinding for a less than moderate lifestyle. You’re suffering from stress that is sucking your life. It’s impacting your sleep, health, productivity, relationships, finances, and overall drive in life. It’s exhausting. You're trying to find some way to deal with your stress. You’re venting with your spouse, your co-worker or anyone who will listen and now everyone’s stressed out. No one’s getting anything done.

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Terry & Christine teach you how you’re causing your stress by following your own bad advice, or someone else’s terrible advice. You’ll discover how to generate massive action, explode your income, and have more free time by keying into the brilliance of others. If your ready to to stop taking your own bad advice 

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Terry Wager

Amazon  Best Seller

CEO - Generator

Dr. Terry Wager created a proven model of exponential growth. Over the past 20 years, he has successfully influenced groups and individuals, teaching them to use instincts and other perspectives instead of relying just their own thinking. With formal training in applied clinical psychology, concentrating on attachment and behavior change, he has helped generate positive results for business owners, families and even gang-entrenched inmates in prison.


How to Stop Overthinking & Start Following

the Brilliance of others

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